Message from the Commissioners

Rachel KawapitRachel Kawapit, Commissioner of Whapmagoostui

I would like to take this opportunity to thank my community for selecting me as their representative. I was elected back in December of 2015 and officially joined the team in January of this year. I look forward to continuing to learn from this very committed and inquisitive group of community representatives.

Whapmagoostui is very proud of our students, staff and parents for another successful year. We completed the 2015-2016 school year with six graduates in high school, 17 graduates in Grade 6 and 19 in kindergarten.

I am very excited for the new school year, when our students will have new learning experiences with their teachers. I encourage parents and our entire community to continue supporting our students, teachers, and staff to help another group of students succeed in advancing to the next level.

Let’s cheer on our future leaders all together!

Emily Gull-MianscumEmily Gull-Mianscum, Commissioner of Waswanipi

This is my second term as Commissioner for my community of Waswanipi.

Education is very important to us as Commissioners. We work together to give support to our students to further their studies, because they are our future leaders.

In my first term as Commissioner, I was mostly observing and learning about the Council Policy Manual and governance. Policy governance is a new way of thinking, and provides the Cree School Board a clear focus for the future. We also have Ownership Linkage meetings with different departments and communities to keep track of the information needs of our people; the Cree School Board collects the data from owners, and we debrief on the results.

I can say that it has been a great learning experience for me.

Cree School Board Council of Commissioners


Back row, left to right: Rachel Kawapit, Mimie Neacappo, Anthony Moses, Emily G. Mianscum, Daisy Shecapio
Front row, left to right: Clarence Tomatuk, Alvin Cheezo, Kathleen J. Wootton, Teddy Wapachee, Clifford Loon
Missing: Mabel Bearskin