Material Resources Services

Guylaine Houle, Director of Material Resources

Our Mission

Our mission is to ensure and offer our students and employees the enjoyment of the safest, most innovative, and pleasant facilities for their learning and working environments. Our duty is to facilitate the reach of their goals and endeavors by providing professional and valuable resources and services.

Our Activities

In addition to providing support and services to the schools in the nine communities—including transportation for activities, regular and preventive maintenance, purchasing software, moving and storage services, and providing office equipment—we accomplished the activities listed below.

Construction Projects

We constructed a new school in Wemindji, the Joy Ottereyes Rainbow Memorial School. Purchasing for the new school included:

  • Office furniture and equipment
  • Specialized equipment for EDHAA including snoelezen room
  • Furniture and material for Cree Culture
  • Janitor supplies, material and equipment
  • Cree language books and library
  • Class furniture
  • Art integration
  • Maintenance material
  • Playground equipment
  • Gym equipment

Highlights of the Joy Ottereyes Rainbow Memorial School:

  • 4146 m2
  • 2 storeys high
  • Stage that communicates with the gym and/or Agora
  • Section for EDHAA (2 classes and 1 snoezelen room)
  • Section for Cree culture and language (5 classes)
  • Section for preschool (4 classes)
  • Section for Grades 1 to 3 (7 classes)
  • Section for Grades 4 to 6 (8 classes)
  • School Administration area
  • Student Services area

The school was developed with the collaboration of the Cree Nation Government, Cree Nation of Wemindji, the Wemindji School Committee and the school authorities.

Other Projects

We completed the construction and purchasing for 36 new housing units.

We also:

  • Undertook 23 renovation/rehabilitation projects
  • Created a new policy on Emergency Management
  • Implemented Guide TI mobile in nine communities
  • Negotiated the extension of three service contract
  • Purchased two pick-up trucks and a minivan

Emergency Management Plan

In collaboration with the Community Education Administrators (CEAs), the creation of an Emergency Management Plan emerged after nearly two years of work. This plan is composed of a policy, procedures, documentation and tools. The procedures stem from six categories: utility emergencies, widespread emergencies, medical emergencies, transportation emergencies, violent incidents, and other emergencies including evacuation, lockdown, stay-in-place orders and lock outs.