Information & Technologies

François "Frank" Turgeon, Director of Information & Technologies

Information and Technologies Services’ purpose is to ensure that employees and students have the proper information systems, technological tools and infrastructure to carry out the overall organization’s mission.

  • Help schools improve the way education is delivered using technological services and resources through teaching and learning.
  • Provide students with technological resources to enrich the educational experience.
  • Help staff improve productivity with proper technological tools and information systems.
  • Establish, provide and maintain the necessary technological infrastructure services and resources to support continuous improvement in the CSB’s ability to fulfill its main mission.
  • Provide leadership and governance to schools and departments in the effective use of technologies.

This past year saw many activities and special projects completed in our department related to the organizational Strategic Action Plan, on top of completing our normal ongoing activities. We responded to more than 2,000 helpdesk support tickets; maintained an inventory of more than 2,500 computers, 400 tablets, and 300 Smart Boards; maintained more than 180 cell phone devices and all phone systems throughout our school buildings and offices, and managed more than 1,500 email and user accounts.

As well, in relation to the organizational Strategic Action Plan (SAP), we were very active in implementing SAP IT related initiatives to help other departments and schools meet their own projects and initiatives. The following table shows a sample of these activities and gives a good example of the range of activities we conducted specifically for the benefit of the students we work for, whether Kindergarten to Grade 12, or adult and post-secondary levels. It shows that great financial and human efforts have been spent by the whole IT Team to successfully complete all of these activities.

List of IT Department’s SAP Initiatives for 2015-2016 (Strategic Priorities)

1. SAP Organizational Culture and Effectiveness + Engagement: Support and improve the automation of processes across CSB

  • Implementation of Post-Secondary Student Services Online Web Portal for Student
  • Implementation of the New Employee Online Web Portal:
  • Implementation of Office 365 Corporate Cloud Services for Email and Storage Services
  • First Implementation of MOZAIK System (Finance Module)

2. SAP Learning: Continue investing and implementing technologies in schools and adult education centres to support student learning

  • Strategically allocate $350,000+ for the annual board wide acquisition & deployment of technologies for schools and adult centers with Smart Boards, desktop/laptop computers, tablets, software licenses and other technological tools that are an integral part of the learning process of all our students
  • Finalize and implement broadband fiber optic connectivity to communities of Eastmain & Waskaganish before the end of 2016
  • Deploy more communication tools such as videoconferencing and unified collaboration systems throughout the offices and schools ($55,000)
  • Purchase & Deployment of 2 New IP phone systems at the 3 schools in Mistissini and at the Head Office ($75,000)
  • Improvement of network/server infrastructure and security within our school buildings and offices
  • Purchase and deployment of centralized Data Storage solution SAN at the Head Office, as well as security backup solutions in the schools and offices
  • Purchase and Deployment of Wi-Fi Network Connectivity Infrastructure in Schools ($50,000)

Other News and Accomplishments

We also improved IT support at the local and regional levels by aligning with the two SAP initiatives: Qualified, Competent and Engaged Employees and Organizational Culture and Effectiveness. We will certainly continue our efforts in this area over the upcoming years in order to support the new 2016-2021 SAP organizational initiatives.

We were also very much involved in the construction project of the new Joy Ottereyes Rainbow Memorial elementary school in Wemindji, by preparing the technology infrastructure, addressing the needs and purchasing the technologies for this new building, as well as preparing for the deployment at the beginning of the school year.

Finally, in an effort to support student success, we spent more than 80% of our time supporting the schools. We therefore wish to take this opportunity to extend our sincere appreciation and gratitude to all members of the IT team, as you have shown great dedication, commitment and efficiency in your work during the past year, to the benefit of the students and employees whom we support. We also welcome new and returning employees within our team.